In 2021 it will be 400 years ago that Hugo de Groot (1585-1645) escaped from Loevestein. This escape in a bookcase is the most spectacular in Dutch history. Hugo de Groot became a historical pop icon and his escape was depicted many times. Much less known, but of much greater importance is the legacy he left behind. His ideas about peace, freedom and justice changed the world.

Exhibition 400 years Hugo de Groot.
Don’t just get into the bookcase, but also into the head of Hugo de Groot. In the former state prison of Loevestein, you will discover how the escape has been depicted in endless ways in film, photography and visual art. You can also take a look in a bookcase yourself. And if walls could talk? What would they say about Hugo de Groot and his life? You will discover this in the former cell, the room where Hugo de Groot was imprisoned.

To top it off, you literally walk through a universe of thoughts and the link to current affairs is made. Watch how experts such as astronaut André Kuipers, theologian Almatine Leene and Tessa Beeloo, coordinator of international humanitarian law for the Red Cross, shed light on current issues from Hugo’s point of view, such as: Who owns Mars? Is there a just war? Here you will also discover what disco balls and Hugo’s ideas have in common.

Source: Slot Loevestein